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4 February 1983 - 4 February 2011

Karen Carpenter: A Star On Earth, A Star in Heaven

9 years - bringing the Carpenters: TO YOU!


---------3 December 2010 The Carpenters "Christmas Portrait" album has reached #48 on Billboard Music's chart  33 years after its original release.

------11 November 2010:  A "new" release called Carpenters "Live on Stage" has been revealed on Amazon.  The set is simply a recording of their BBC concert back in 1971, no new material but this is the first time that this set has been pressed onto disc.  The same day it was released Amazon pulled it.  Naturally, this is not an official release, but at least it's nice to see new titles from the Carpenters popping up.  They still have an immense following.

Today, on Irish radio, Randy Schmidt promoted his book "Little Girl Blue" which was just recently released in the United Kingdom.

SUMMER 2010:  LITTLE GIRL BLUE - Author Randy Schmidt has brought the Carpenters back into the limelight with his Chicago Review Press book, "LITTLE GIRL BLUE."  Carpenters fans won't want to miss out on this easy-to-read book that you cannot stop reading!  To me, this brings things together and gives Karen's fans closure. 

RADIO INTERVIEW:  KSPA AM 1510 and KFSD AM 1450 in Southern California  aired a two hour special on the Carpenters yesterday at 1PM.  The Radio show featured a 1988 interview with Richard Carpenter (which was done before "The Karen Carpenter Story" plus a brand-new interview with Randy Schmidt, author of "Little Girl Blue" and "Yesterday Once More."

- "Little Girl Blue" - new book written by Yesterday Once More author Randy Schmidt

- "40 / 40" released internationally

- Japan has reissued several Carpenters albums in new SHM-CDs in mini LP form, for the first time bringing "Live In Japan" and "Live at the Palladium" to a newer release.


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