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This set includes the following tracks, available on CD for the VERY FIRST TIME. (Exceptions noted below):
  • I Kept On Loving You - Stand-alone, single version (No fade in)
  • Bless the Beasts and Children - Soundtrack version; released only on this Japanese single and the vinyl soundtrack to the movie
  • Maybe It's You - no fade in
  • Yesterday Once More - single version, hasn't been on a CD since "The Singles 1969-1973", which is now out of print.
  • I Won't Last A Day Without You - single version, includes more 'moog.'
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - includes different saxaphone solo, different than the version released on "An Old-Fashioned Christmas."
  • Please Mr. Postman  - single version with alternate vocals
  • Solitaire - recently released on the US "Gold" album.  Single version.
  • Can't Smile Without You - Single version, only available on the Canadian "Singles '74-'78" as well as a few other international sets.
  • The Christmas Song (Chestnuts...) - Single version; stand alone
  • Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - Single EDIT! Never before released!
  • Those Good Old Dreams - Original version - unreleased since vinyl release.
  • Make Believe It's Your First Time - without spoken intro.
  • When You've Got What It Takes - stand alone, single version

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On 13 December 2006 the Carpenters masters released the most unique, eccentric, and overall amazing release since the first Carpenters compilations were pressed.
Some of the most unique sets from the Carpenters were made in Japan.  Japan has given us "Live In Japan", "Treasures", "By Request," the original "As Time Goes By," and the gorgeous set "Anthology."  This set brings to life a whole new level of fandom.
The "Japanese Single Box" was launched with major success.  Within a week of the release date, many online Japanese music stores sold out of this Limited Edition set. The demand was high, and the biggest Carpenters fan set aside $250 for a set that would make a more complete collection for the major fans.
This set is a bitter-sweet collection of all of the singles that were released in Japan from 1969 - 1989, a 20-year span.  This set houses 33 cardboard singles (8cm discs) in a carton.  The set includes all of the original sleeves and shows off the singles EXACTLY as they were released many years ago.
(The set is shown above)
The EXACT track listing is as follows:
(A side, for you younger fans, is the first line of each set of 2.  The "A" side is the title of the single).

1.       Ticket To Ride (Album Version) Ticket To Ride 1969

2.       All I Can Do Ticket To Ride 1969


3.       (They Long To Be) Close To You (Single Version) Close To You 1970

4.       I Kept On Loving You (Stand Alone Single Version) Close To You 1970


5.       We've Only Just Begun Close To You 1970

6.       I'll Never Fall In Love Again Close To You 1970


7.       For All We Know Carpenters 1971

8.       Baby It's You Close To You 1970


9.       Rainy Days And Mondays Carpenters 1971

10.   Saturday Carpenters 1971


11.   Superstar Carpenters 1971

12.   Merry Christmas Darling (1970 Single Version)


13.   Bless The Beasts And The Children (Soundtrack Version) [vinyl transfer] A Song For You 1972

14.   Help Close To You 1970


15.   Hurting Each Other A Song For You 1972

16.   Maybe It's You Close To You 1970


17.   It's Going To Take Some Time A Song For You 1972

18.   Flat Baroque A Song For You 1972


19.   Goodbye To Love A Song For You 1972

20.   Crystal Lullaby A Song For You 1972


21.   Top Of The World (Album Version) A Song For You 1972

22.   Druscilla Penny Carpenters 1971


23.   Sing Now & Then 1973

24.   I Won't Last A Day Without You (Album Version) A Song For You 1972


25.   Yesterday Once More (Stand Alone Single Version) Now & Then 1973

26.   Road Ode A Song For You 1972


27.   Jambalaya (On The Bayou) Now & Then 1973

28.   Heather Now & Then 1973


29.   Top Of The World (Single Version) A Song For You 1972

30.   Druscilla Penny Carpenters 1971


31.   I Won't Last A Day Without You (Single Version With More Moog) A Song For You 1972   

32.   One Love Carpenters 1971


33.   Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (1974 Single Version) [vinyl transfer]

34.   Merry Christmas Darling (1970 Single Version)


35.   Please Mr. Postman (Single Version With Alternate Dryer Vocals) Horizon 1975

36.   This Masquerade Now & Then 1973


37.   Only Yesterday (Single Version) Horizon 1975

38.   Happy Horizon 1975


39.   Solitaire (Single Version) Horizon 1975

40.   Love Me For What I Am


41.   There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World) A Kind Of Hush 1976

42.   (I'm Caught Between) Goodbye And I Love You Horizon 1975


43.   I Need To Be In Love (Single Edit) A Kind Of Hush 1976

44.   Sandy A Kind Of Hush 1976


45.   Breaking Up Is Hard To Do A Kind Of Hush 1976

46.   I Have You A Kind Of Hush 1976


47.   All You Get From Love Is Love Song Passage 1977

48.   Eve Ticket To Ride 1969


49.   Sweet, Sweet Smile Passage 1977

50.   Can't Smile Without You (Alternate Version) A Kind Of Hush 1976


51.   The Christmas Song (Stand Alone Single Version) [vinyl transfer] Christmas Portrait 1978

52.  Merry Christmas Darling (1970 Single Version)


53.  Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (Single Version) [vinyl transfer] Passage      1977

54.  Mr. Guder Close To You 1970


55.  Silent Night (1978 Version) Christmas Portrait 1978

56.  Jingle Bells (1978 Version) Christmas Portrait 1978

57.  Ave Maria (1984 Version With The Choir) Christmas Portrait 1978


58.  I Believe You Made In America 1981

59.  B'Wana She No Home Passage 1977


60.  Beachwood 4-5789 Made In America 1981

61.  Because We Are In Love (The Wedding Song) Made In America 1981


62.  Those Good Old Dreams (Single Version With More Synthesizer) Made In America      1981

63.  I Just Fall In Love Again Passage 1977


64.  Make Believe It's Your First Time (Single Version Without Spoken Intro) Voice Of The Heart 83      

65.  Look To Your Dreams (Album Version) Voice Of The Heart 1983


66.  Honolulu City Lights Lovelines 1989

67.  When You've Got What It Takes (Stand Alone Single Version) Made In America 1981

This set includes a few "NEVER BEFORE RELEASED" tracks.  The higlights include the single versions of "Calling Occupants...", "Please Mr. Postman", and "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town." 
The only complaints fans have about the set is that "Ave Maria" is not presented in its original form, it is the version that was released on "Christmas Portrait: Special Edition" and every other Carpenters album that was released on compact disc.  The original version is now unreleased, only being released on the German edition of the "Christmas Portrait" album, which was recalled.