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Here is a nice little holiday story that should remind you not to over-eat this holiday season.

Two nights ago I recieved an interesting text message from my brother to call him. I was at work, so I called him about 10 minutes later.

He informed me that a spectac had just happened outside of our appartment.

Our 300+lb fat neighbor lady had just fallen through her balocony. My brother was the one to call "911" because her live-in boyfriend (a nice, skinny black guy that most likely weighed just a little over 100 lbs) didn't have a telephone.

Of course, the woman was too dumb to be embarassed that she just fell 6 feet because her fat ass plowed through the stairs and made her fall flat on her large, fat back. She had broken other stairs on her fall.

My brother recieved no "thank-you's" as they were taken away in the ambulance.

My brother called my appartment's maitainace man and the next day was asked to write a report for the appartment about the spectac that happened the previous night.

My brother had the excellent idea to add to his report :

"When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter." (from 'The Night Before Christmas')

Unfortunately he didn't add that to the report.

SO! Remember this holiday not to eat too much, and not to get over 300 pounds, for you might find yourself falling through a set of sturdy stairs.