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I'm sure you all agree that there is nothing more breathtaking than seeing the Carpenters LIVE!  Unfortunately Richard hasn't blessed with was any visual concerts (only in Japan with Live at the Budokan).
This concert is no exception. The folks at Jaap Eden Hall in Holland certainly got their moneys woth that night. It begins with the famous Flat Baoque / Only Yesterday intro that we previously heard on the UK/Japan release Live At The Palladium.  This concert resembles "Palladium" somewhat in that most of their songs are covered in a Medley ("Palladium" excludedes "Please Mr. Postman"). 
The concert also features a rare look at the song "I Need To Be In Love" .  It has never been officially released "live" yet.  It is very beautiful; there are no back-up vocals, just Karen and the music.  It's a very intimate look into a song that was so close to Karen and Richard at that time.
"Don't Be Afraid / "Sing" is a completley fun experince.  Nowhere else do you hear "Sing" in English "live".  It seems that the only other "live" versions are the Japanse lyrics.  It's also a treat to hear "Don't Be Afraid" LIVE! It's the first real song they did live from the "Offering" LP (excluding "Ticket to Ride").
Next we go into "Yesterday Once More", which is beautifully done by Karen.  Immediately following this short song, we are introduced to songs from the musical GREASE!  It opens up with Richard and the band performing "We Go Together", followed by "Grease Lightning". Then Karen comes in singing "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" wearing tight clothes and oversized pointy cleavage.  She doesn't sing in her normal singing voice, but this also shows off the comedienne in her as well as singing in other keys!  The song ends with "Beauty School Drop Out" and a reprise of "Yesterday Once More" sung by RICHARD!  I FUN medley!
Next is the instrumental medley included in "Palladium" including "Strike Up The Band", "Fascinating Rhythm", "S'Wonderful ".  It is nice to actually see a visual of this as opposed to just the audio!
Next is the hits medley (similar to "Palladium").  This time it includes "Please Mr. Postman".  It is lovely to see and hear, it gives an overview of their hits.  Includes (respectively) "(They Long To Be) Close To You"; "For All We Know", "Top of the World";"Ticket To Ride"; "Only Yesterday"; "I Won't Last A Say Without You"; "Hurting Each Other", "Please Mr. Postman", and "Superstar".  Unfortunately the broadcast ends at "Superstar".  I guess, however, that this is NOT the complete show.  I imagine it ends with "Rainy Days and Mondays" and "Goodbye To Love".  (Like their 1977 Las Vegas concerts).
Hopefully someday this recording will be released in its' entirety on DVD along with other Carpenters concerts.  Don't hold your breath!
"Overture", "Flat Baroque",  "A Kind Of Hush", " I Need To Be In Love",  Medley: {"Don't Be Afraid", "Sing",}  Meldey: { "Yesterday Once More", "The funny "Grease Medley" featuring "We Go Together", "Greased Lightning", "Beauty School Dropout", "Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee", "Yesterday Once More (Reprise)"}, Karen playing "Strike Up The Band", "Fascinating Rhythm", "S'Wonderful ", Medley: {"Close To You", "For All We Know", "Top Of The World", "Ticket To Ride", "Only Yesterday", "I Won't Last A Day Without You", "Hurting Each Other", "Please Mr. Postman",  and "Superstar".}