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Here is a timeline from Richard's birth to March 2005.
...Looking back on how it was in years gone by...
This page in dedicated to Karen and Richard. We'll look back and reflect. This is currently being constructed.

* Let's go back to Connecticut 1946.
On October 15th,1946. Agnes Carpenter and her husband, Harold welcomed their new baby boy, Richard Lynn Carpenter, into the new world.

*March 2nd,1950: Agnes and Harold had their first daughter,Karen Anne Carpenter, and her brother, Richard welcomed her to the world.

*1966 - The battle of the bands

*April 1969 - Karen and Richard signed with A&M Records - a small, but respected record company.

* 1969 "Offering" debuted [later retitled to "Ticket To Ride"

In the next thirteen years the Carpenters released an average of one album per year. The sold 100 MILLION RECORDS WORLD WIDE! :]

* 1975 majour european tour cancelled due to karen suffering of nervous and physical exaustion.

*1979 Richard left the music buisness for a bit to get help. He was indeed helped.

*1979/1980 Karen desides to go solo with Phil Ramone. The album wasn't released til 17 years later.

*1981 The Carpenters make a come back with the album "Made In America".

*Karen married Tom Burris. They later seperated.

*Karen went to New York. She realized she had an illness. Karen had starved herself,taken laxatives and thyroid pills for seven years. She might have even thrown up.
*February 4th,1983:
The music buisness lost a diva. Karen Carpenter dies of heart failure caused by anorexia nervosa. She died at her parents home in Downey,California.

*1983; Karen's tragedy opens up a new chapter in world history. The fight of eating disorders. The world becomes aware of the dangers. The woman we all loved so much left us on earth and went to Heaven.

*1987 Richard releases a new album "Time" he worked with artists Dusty Springfield and Dionne Warwick.

*Over the years many compilations and biographys have been written.

*1989 "Lovelines" a collection of rarities by the Carpenters was released on Halloween!

*1991 - A 4-CD Set "From The Top" was released. Filled to the brim with rarities, demos, and more!

*1995 - INTERPRETATIONS: A 25th Anniversary is released on VHS and CD/CS. Featuring a few rarities. as well as a Japanese release of "Anthology"!

*1997- Richard releases an instrumentle album with Carpenters hits, new songs and a HUGE medley of hits. "Pianist,Arranger,Composer,Conductor"

*1998 a BIG-SELLER "Love Songs" is released.

*1998 "Christmas Collection" a 2-CD Set was released. The CD's were released on CD for the first time.

*2001 "As Time Goes By" a CD with TV rarities and more was released. August 1st in Japan only. It has been 11 years since an album with "all new material" has been released.

*2002 Richard is currently working on a Christmas album featuring Petula Clark. Planned for 2003.

*2002 "The Essential Collection" - a new reworking of "From The Top" is released!

*2003 Richard shelves his Christmas album he has worked on since 2002. Maybe will hit 2004!

*Richard goes back to studio to make a "karaoke" version of "sing"

* Release of GOLD - 35th Anniversary Edition 10 Feb 2004

* 13 April 2004: "As Time Goes By" finally sees a USA release!

*Summer 2004: Richard enters the online world ()

* January 2005:  Richard enters the SACD world with a new version of "Singles 1969-1981"!

* March 2005: The Carpenters hit #3 on UK charts with the new UK release of "Gold"!
*Fall 2005:  A&M Records in Japan begin to compile singles for a singles box set.

"As Time Goes By"